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Eat only nutrients rich food not chemical-laden.

Derived from the two Greek words hydro and ponos, meaning water and labor respectively, hydroponics is defined as a method of growing plants in water, rather than in soil. While this process may seem arbitrary, the growing of plants in nutrient-rich water has been practiced for centuries.  

Why just organic is not good enough

Think Beyond Organics 

  • No usage of harmful chemicals. Grown using purified RO water using latest technology and automation
  • Vegetables available throughout the year 
  •  Saves water - 90% less water than traditional farming (It means you save 50+Liters of water every time you order from us)
natural, organic, sustainable

Why us?

We believe in Healthy human society. This organization is created by professionals who left high paying jobs in corporate world to work as farmers. We didn't create it with a short term goal of selling it out and make money by VCs. This is a 100% self-funded company focused on betterment of human society and work in a sustainable manner to put food to your plate. We invested in building latest tech and automation so use the purest of water for your food, we don't use any chemical pesticides and have automated the whole supply chain. 

It means the food you get is 

  • Fresh - we reach you within few hours of harvest vs days/weeks in traditional farming
  • Healthy - it contains only the nutrients you need not the chemicals
  • Safe - The only person that touches the food is you and only you
  • Sustainable - our processes are 90% more efficient than traditional farming